Customize your home page using MyCFB

Follow these steps to customize your CFB web experience

Create your MyCFB account

To customize the CFB website, you first need to set up your MyCFB account. Your account is anonymous unless you also need to use your account to electronically file reports or statements with us. Of course, if you need to file things, we need to know who you are.  If you already set up an account during the recent lobbyist filing period, you can use that account to customize your CFB home page

To set up your account, click the Sign in to MyCFB link at the bottom of any page.

When you get to the sign in page, click the Create an account link above and to the right of the sign in block. Fill out the requested information. You will need a valid email address to create your account.

Set up bookmarks and links and add people and entities you want to follow

Set up your bookmarks

Bookmarks are page links that will show up in a Bookmarks panel at the bottom of your home page.

Bookmarks are usually links to reference-type materials such as statutes, calendars, or other things that you use frequently. We supply a list of possible bookmarks and you select the ones you want on your home page and the order in which you want to display them.

To pick your bookmarks, click on the Manage my CFB link at the bottom of any page. This will take you to the MyCFB management screen, which is where you control everything about your custom home page.

On the management page, you will see a list called My Bookmarks. Click the + button next to any bookmark to add it to your personal bookmarks. Your selected bookmark will move to the top of the list and will have a red next to it. You can click the X to remove any bookmark that you selected.

If you have more than one bookmark selected, you will see an up-down icon to the left of your selected bookmarks. Place your mouse curser over any of these bookmarks and hold down the left mouse button. Then drag the bookmark up or down to change the order of your personal bookmarks.

Add links as you browse

When you first start the CFB website, you will notice that the center panel has some Quick Links set up. These are links that we think many users will find helpful. These links may change from time to time depending on things such as where we are in an election cycle. You can set your own links rather than using our pre-set quick links.

Once you set your first personal link, the middle Quick Links panel name will change to My Links and the panel will display your links rather than the pre-set quick links. Of course, you can add any of the pre-set links back in as your personal links if you want to.

To add your own links, all you need to do is click the Add this page to my links link at the bottom of a page. Watch the upper right corner of your screen to get a confirmation that the link was added. Note that we provide a default name for your link, but you can substitute a name that is more meanigful to you.

You can manage your personal links on the MyCFB management page. Like Bookmarks, you can move your links up and down in the list using the mouse and you can remove links by clicking the red X next to any link.

Follow people and entities

Many places throughout the website, you will see a button that says Follow in MyCFB. Click this button to add the person or entity to a list of people that will show up in an I'm Following block on your home page. When you click on the name of one of the people you are following, the site will take you to the main page of information about that person.

You can re-arrange the people you are following, or remove their links using the MyCFB management page, using the same features you use to arrange or delete bookmarks or links.

Control how you sign into and sign out of MyCFB

Signing in and out

You never have to sign in to MyCFB to use the website. But if you aren't signed in, you won't have access to your personal MyCFB home page.

To have access to your customized site, you can sign in to MyCFB each time you open the website and sign out when you have completed your work. You will then be signed out until you sign in again.

Even if you don't sign out, if you are inactive on the site or close the site without signing out, you will be automatically signed out after about an hour.

Staying signed in

If you don't want to sign in and out each time you use the site, you have the option of staying signed in. To activate this option, go to the MyCFB Manager by using the Manage MyCFB link at the bottom of any page. In the upper right corner of the management page, check the Keep me signed in button. You will no longer have to sign in each time you use the MyCFB features of the site.

Control other aspects of your MyCFB home page

Decide if you want to see the Trending Topics box when you are logged in

By default the Trending Topics panel is displayed on the right side of your home page. This panel includes links and information about topics that are most active at any particular time. Although we recommend that you keep the Trending Topics panel on your home page, you may remove it by going to the MyCFB management page and unchecking the box in the upper left corner that says Show Trending Topics. If you change your mind, just check the box again and the panel will be displayed.