Board enforcement actions

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Resolution DateAction TypeComplainantRespondent(s)SubjectAction TakenInitiation DateView Documents
1/9/2018ComplaintBrian Wojtalewicz Miller, Tim; Miller, Tim House Committee; Renville County RPM; Southern MN Beet Sugar Coop PACEarmarking and circumventionFindings10/10/2016Document Index
11/1/2017Board investigation Goodhue County Republican Party of MN; Osmek, David Volunteer CommitteeEarmarkingFindings6/14/2017Document Index
11/1/2017Board investigation Laura Walker, Freeborn County DFLUse of money collected for political purposes, false certification of reportsDismissal1/5/2017Document Index
10/24/2017ComplaintJeff Huber Shannon BryantLocal candidate; anonymous contributionsDismissal10/16/2017Document Index
10/4/2017Staff review Becker-Finn (Jamie) for 42BAggregate special source limitAgreements8/22/2017Document Index
10/4/2017Staff review Steve Cwodzinski for SenateExcess party unit contributionsAgreements8/2/2017Document Index
7/31/2017Board investigation John Lesch and John Lesch for State RepresentativeUse of money collected for political purposesFindings11/5/2015Document Index
7/31/2017Staff review Ginny Klevorn for RepresentativeAggregate special source limitAgreements7/17/2017Document Index
7/5/2017Staff review Wiger (Charles) for SenateAggregate special source limitAgreements6/12/2017Document Index
7/5/2017Staff review Petersen, BrandenReview of committee recordkeeping, report certification, and spendingFindings10/19/2015Document Index
7/3/2017ComplaintZachary Olson Simon TrautmannLocal candidate; failure to register or file reportsDismissal6/22/2017Document Index
6/14/2017Staff review 8th Congressional District DFLContribution unregistered association without disclosureAgreements5/2/2017Document Index
6/14/2017Staff review IBEW Local Unit 294Contribution unregistered association without required disclosureAgreements5/2/2017Document Index
6/14/2017Staff review Poston Property Management LLCCorporate contributionAgreements3/3/2017Document Index
6/14/2017Staff review Vote John Poston Volunteer CommitteeCorporate contributionAgreements3/3/2017Document Index
6/14/2017ComplaintDavid Osmek Jay NygardFailure to register a principal campaign committee; failure to file campaign finance reports.Findings2/10/2017Document Index
4/5/2017Staff review Ginny Klevorn for RepresentativeAggregate special source limitAgreements3/10/2017Document Index
4/5/2017Staff review Connie L LewisFailure to include registration number on contribution checkAgreements3/17/2017Document Index
4/5/2017Staff review Jodi OlsonFailure to include registration number on contribution checkAgreements3/17/2017Document Index
4/5/2017Staff review Chisago County RPMContribution unregistered association without required disclosureAgreements3/10/2017Document Index
4/5/2017Staff review Greg Ryan for US CongressContribution unregistered association without required disclosureAgreements3/17/2017Document Index
3/1/2017Staff review MN Gun Owners Political Action CommitteeLoansFindings6/21/2016Document Index
1/31/2017ComplaintMatt Stevens New Leadership PAC; Duff (Alan) 4 House; MN Tea Party AllianceIndependent expenditures; contribution limits; disclaimerFindings8/1/2016Document Index
1/4/2017Staff review Brandon D Anderson for SD6Use of campaign funds; reportingDismissal2/29/2016Document Index
1/4/2017Staff review Derrick Lehrke for HouseUse of campaign fundsDismissal1/15/2016Document Index
1/4/2017Staff review Paul Perovich for SenateUse of campaign fundsDismissal4/26/2016Document Index
1/4/2017ComplaintDale Lueck Wagner (Erin) for MinnesotaDisclaimer; transcript of radio advertisementFindings11/2/2016Document Index
12/30/2016ComplaintJohn Deitering Friends of Bruce D AndersonCorporate contributionsDismissal12/19/2016Document Index
12/30/2016ComplaintJohn Deitering Joe McDonald for State RepCorporate contributionDismissal12/19/2016Document Index
12/30/2016ComplaintJohn Deitering O'Neill (Marion) for HouseCorporate contributionsDismissal12/19/2016Document Index
11/23/2016ComplaintMichael Stylski, Sr. Howard LewisDisclaimerDismissal11/22/2016Document Index
11/16/2016ComplaintPatrick Watson MN Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund; Minnesotans for Erin Maye QuadeCoordination of independent expendituresDismissal11/9/2016Document Index
11/10/2016Staff review Rondell Reid LeBeau IILobbyist gift banDismissal4/6/2016Document Index
11/10/2016ComplaintJames Flaherty David Bly Committee 20BDisclaimerFindings8/15/2016Document Index
11/10/2016ComplaintMinnesota Jobs Coalition Robin Brown for Minnesota; Robin Brown; Gary Schindler; Schindler (Gary) for House; Wedgewood Peruvian PasosCommingling; corporate contribution; reportingFindings8/25/2016Document Index
11/10/2016Staff review Roger Johnson Campaign CommitteeDisclaimerAgreements10/10/2016Document Index
10/27/2016ComplaintKen Martin HRCC; Republican Party of MinnDisclaimer; reportingDismissal10/13/2016Document Index
10/14/2016ComplaintDouglas Jones Kevin Dahle for Senate; David Bly Committee 20BReportingAgreements10/11/2016Document Index
10/7/2016ComplaintDenny Walsh citizenfororono.comDisclaimer; registration; false allegationsDismissal10/5/2016Document Index
10/5/2016ComplaintErwin Rud Mike Moore; Ed Lavelle; Committee to Elect Mike MooreReporting; corporate contribution; disclaimerFindings7/27/2016Document Index
10/5/2016ComplaintNancy Barsness Citizens for Jeff Backer Jr House; Jeff BackerDisclaimer; ReportingDismissal8/9/2016Document Index
9/20/2016ComplaintDavid Meisinger Patrick Armon for City CouncilDisclaimerDismissal9/19/2016Document Index
9/12/2016Staff review Pipe Fitters Local 539Sessional contributionAgreements8/17/2016Document Index
9/8/2016Staff review Todd Podgorski for State SenateSessional contributionAgreements8/17/2016Document Index
8/18/2016ComplaintJames Schultz Jon Applebaum for RepresentativeReporting requirementsDismissal8/15/2016Document Index
8/12/2016ComplaintNevitt, Laura Campaign to Elect Rashad TurnerDisclaimer; briberyDismissal8/5/2016Document Index
8/2/2016Staff review Leon Lillie for HouseAggregate special source limit; failure to comply with conciliation agreementFindings10/5/2014Document Index
7/7/2016Staff review Rob Ecklund for 3A RepAggregate special source limitAgreements3/15/2016Document Index
7/7/2016ComplaintBarry Kukowski Dan WhitcombUndue influence and bribery; candidate rewardsDismissal7/5/2016Document Index
7/5/2016ComplaintRepublican Party of Minnesota Roger Erickson Campaign Committee; DFL House Caucus; Citizens for John Persell; DFL Senate Caucus; Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota; Minn DFL State Central Committee; McNamar (Jay) for House; Eken (Kent) for State Senate District 4Multicandidate poiltical party expenditures; contribution limits; reportingDismissal5/9/2016Document Index
5/27/2016Audit Atkins (Joe) for State RepresentativeClassification of campaign expenditures and noncampaign disbursements; permissible use of committee funds; campaign spending limits; reporting requirements; contributions to state candidates; excess charitable contributionsFindings10/12/2015Document Index
5/27/2016Staff review Joe Hoppe Volunteer CommitteeReporting; noncampaign disbursements; campaign expenditures; personal useFindings11/18/2014Document Index
4/29/2016Staff review Isaacson (Jason) for MinnesotaContribution from local candidate's committee; contribution unregistered association without required disclosureAgreements2/9/2016Document Index
4/5/2016Staff review Schmit (Matt) for SenateAggregate special source contribution limitAgreements7/8/2015Document Index
4/5/2016Staff review Chaudhary (Satveer) for SenateReporting; recordkeeping; contribution limitsFindings11/18/2014Document Index
3/21/2016ComplaintAdam Strauss Kurt DaudtLobbyist gift banDismissal3/10/2016Document Index
3/21/2016ComplaintAdam Strauss Rondell Reid LeBeau IILobbyist gift banDismissal3/10/2016Document Index
2/9/2016Staff review Bev Scalze Volunteer CommitteeAggregate special source limitAgreements1/7/2016Document Index
11/19/2015Staff review David Hann for State SenateAggregate special source limitAgreements10/22/2015Document Index
11/3/2015Staff review Al GarciaLobbyist disbursement reportsFindings7/7/2015Document Index
10/28/2015Staff review Bridget Sullivan for JudgeContribution unregistered association without required disclosureAgreements7/27/2015Document Index
10/12/2015Staff review Baillon, Thome, Jozwiak & Wanta, LLPContribution unregistered association without required disclosureAgreements7/27/2015Document Index
7/17/2015Staff review Schmit (Matt) for Senate; North Metro Harness InitiativeUnregistered association contributionAgreements5/19/2014Document Index
4/3/2012ComplaintMark Ward Daniel Schleck; Goodhue Wind Truth; Carol Overland; Coalition for Sensible SitingLobbyist registration requirementsFindings12/11/2011Document Index