Welcome to the new CFB website!

This document will help you get started

Your first arrival at the new site

If this is your first arrival at the new site, it may be because you tried to go to the home page of the Board's old site. All visitors are being redirected to the new site. The old site is no longer being kept up to date and will be removed from the internet and search engines in the coming weeks.

If you had resources on the old site that you can't find on the new site, or have general questions, comments, or suggestions, send an email to gary.goldsmith@state.mn.us

Site orientation

The new site is generally oriented by the type of resource you are looking for.
Access resources by using one of the top level types:

The mega menu concept

This site uses the concept of a mega menu, which is a single viewing pane that lets you see all of your options without a lot of clicks or zig-zagging through a menu tree. Mouse over or click on a top-level menu item and a display pane will drop showing you all of the pages available through that heading. Do some exploring on your own to see what's available and where to find it.

Reports & data

We've built a lot of power into our reports and data features and we've created a separate guide to help you become a pro at data access. You can find it here: [Future link].
Briefly, there are four main data access functions: